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Michael J. Maynard, MD Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine
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This week will mark 6 months since my second hip replacement. My quality of life has improved 100%! Thank you Dr. Maynard!

I am back at the gym doing strength training classes 2 times per week and go to a yoga class once a week and aqua aerobics 2 times a week. I walk my dog over a mile every day and I am having fun! I have had no pain since the day before my surgery!

I can't thank you and your kind, compassionate staff enough for the excellent care I received for both of my hip replacements. The Hospital for Special Surgery and everyone I encountered there gave me excellent care too, it is truly a wonderful hospital.

Thank you so very much


I have always been very active in my life. I'm still skating, skiing, and working out in my late 50's. Having lived in Manhattan, I loved to walk. In May, 2011, I met with Dr. Maynard regarding chronic pain in my right hip. He advised that I needed hip replacement. Dr. Maynard's knowledge and demeanor made me feel confident that he would get me through the joint replacement surgery safely. It has been 3 years since my successful surgery and I have resumed walking and dancing! The scar has all but disappeared. I thank God for Dr. Maynard and am forever grateful for the excellent work he did to improve my life.

Hackettstown, NJ

My husband and My initial meeting with Dr. Maynard was interesting and an eye opener. No one ever looks forward to disconcerting news that may lead to surgery and I am no different.Did we know that something was wrong with my knee and needed to be taken care of? Yes, but who we'd trust to take care of me was quite another issue all together. I had never experienced anything like this in my life and did not know exactly what to expect.

Here's the interesting and eye opening part: I had to bring Dr. Maynard the MRI scan from an outside facility, which was supposed to be really great. Dr. Maynard was extremelyhonest about his displeasure with this facility and let me know that I wasn't being treated with the best care and that the scan was of poor quality. THAT WAS IT!!!!He cared about me being cared for properly. Who could ask for anything more? He ordered another MRI and when the results came back he went over everything carefully with Kevin and me and yes, the first MRI had missed a few things.

Kevin and I are praying people and so we prayed before we had the new MRI results visit with Dr. Maynard and when he said that surgery was going to be necessary, but would rather send me to physical therapy first to see if that would help, we were pleased. We wanted to know just how quickly Dr. Maynard would want to send me to surgery, but we didn't expect him to resort to another option first. It was very clear to us that Dr. Maynard really wanted to take proper care of me. My husband felt that he could really trust me in Dr. Maynard's hands.

He asked that I go to PT for about 6-8 weeks and if I wasn't better then come back to him for an assessment.

When we went back to Dr. Maynard he asked if we were ready for surgery, we said yes. We knew it was time. Physical therapy helped to manage a bit of the pain, but I wasn't getting better. He sat us down and went over every single thing that he was going to do, how long surgery was going to be, what my recovery time would be, etc. I was so well prepared and comfortable leading up to the surgery, that as we arrived to the hospital on the morning of July 15th, it actually didn't feel like surgery to me. I felt safe, I knew I'd be ok and would see my husband as soon as I woke up. I was right!

Dr. Maynard and all of the other Dr's visited me right before surgery and he was there as I awoke from anesthesia with a smile on his face. I've grown accustomed to that smile!!!!

It's been 3 months since my surgery and, not only am I healing faster than expected, but I feel great!!!!!

Additionally, the staff in Dr. Maynard's office is absolutely amazing!!! They're simply an extension of Dr. Maynard and his compassion for people. They all know how to care for people as people, not just patients. We don't feel like we're visiting a doctor's office; more like friends we're excited to see. We're always greeted with smiles, they're always warm, attentive and caring.

Kevin and I have continued to sing Dr. Maynard's praises and recommend him to anyone who's mentioned that they are having knee issues. A weird thing to recommend, some may say, but whenyou've been treated by the best you want to share it with everyone.

It was truly a blessing the day we walked into Dr. Maynard's office!!


Dr. Maynard,

I hope this note finds you well. I saw the note about your office move (congratulations!), and it reminded me to send you a note of appreciation. You performed an ORIF on my right clavicle in November 2010, and I’m grateful for your excellent work. I recently started swimming again, and finished the NYC Triathlon this past Sunday.

Thank you,

Words can not describe how amazing Dr. Maynard is at his field. He changed my life. I've consulted with other orthopedic specialists (one being a director in a very prestigious hospital), and none of them were able to properly diagnose me. Dr. Maynard took one look at my x-rays and he knew immediately what had plagued me since youth, Legg Calve Perthes Disease. Perthes is a rare childhood disease and after living with pain for about 3 decades, Dr. Maynard was able to recognize my illness in a number of seconds. I cried tears of relief. He performed total hip replacement on both my hips. Now, I am pain free. In my humble opinion, Dr. Maynard is one of the best in orthopedic surgery. The care and attention he and his wonderful staff at the Hospital for Special Surgery has given me have been immeasurable. Thank you, Dr. Maynard!! Xoxo!!

Thank you so much!


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Dear Sir / Madam,

Exactly one year ago to date I had the great fortune of meeting Dr. Maynard. After three years of suffering from the effects of a torn hip labrum my activities were being curtailed dramatically. Because of my age, 63, it was recommended that I replace my hip and move on even though it was agreed that my hip, for the most part, was in good shape.

I came to HSS and Dr. Maynard, where I knew they were doing arthroscopic surgery for this problem without total hip replacement. The moment I met Dr. Maynard I felt like I had found the most caring and knowledgeable doctor. His ability to listen and diagnose the problem was amazing. He took a methodical approach including various tests and injection therapy, therefore enabling him to recommend arthroscopic surgery (no hip replacement) and ultimately a complete recovery. Thanks to Dr. Maynard I am back swimming, walking the golf course, exercising and just plain living my life.

For all of the above I am eternally grateful to Dr. Maynard. I cannot recommend him highly enough...


Compassionate is the word that comes to mind when I think of this doctor. He replaced both hips with no complications. Dr. Maynard always greets you with a smile and no matter how busy his appointment schedule is, takes his time to address all of your concerns. We, his patients, are truly blessed that he chose this profession.


I had ACL surgery 42 years ago as the result of a college lacrosse injury. After years of wear and tear, my knee became arthritic and crooked to the point where I endured constant discomfort and pain. Dr. Maynard was recommended to me by the surgeon who performed my operation four decades ago. Although Dr. Maynard had concerns about whether he could straighten the knee, the results were outstanding. After six months, my knee is straight, completely functional and, for the first time in years, I am pain free! He is the best!


Dr. Maynard and his staff are fantastic. I was treated for a handful of shoulder injuries and the entire process was about as positive as it could be for any experience involving surgery. They are true healthcare professionals and Iíd recommend his practice to anyone in NYC thatís in need of sports-related medical treatment or shoulder therapy.

Thanks to everyone there.


Dr. Maynard is far and away the best doctor I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Not only did he provide a thorough and detailed diagnosis of several orthopedic issues, he also took the time to explain each in terms I could understand. He walked me through various solutions detailing the pros and cons so that I (note I) could make the best decision.Dr. Maynardís team of Brenda, Cathy and Alie are equally as impressive. They have each assisted me in finding additional required services (MRI, EMG, etc.), that were all covered by my insurance, as well as assisted me in scheduling these appointments as expeditiously as possible to move the process along. Thank you ALL!!! Dennis


I have had the BEST experiences with Dr. Maynard. His expertise is exceptional. He goes above and beyond what is required. His bedside manner is wonderful. He is NOT a doctor where ego comes first. Dr. Maynard has worked with my difficulties like a trooper! I have had to have several shoulder replacements and I am looking at another as my body isnít very accepting. He has and IS using his skills and inquiring of other specialists to make my body work again. I have complete trust in his knowledge and skills. He has become like family to my family. I even recommended my dad to him for successful hip surgery. THANK YOU Dr. Maynard for being YOU! Sharon McCaul


If you have a very big problem with your knee, Dr. Maynard is the right person to trust. Two years ago I fell on the street and tore my left quadricep. The first doctor misdiagnosed me and did not recognize the tear and prescribed physical therapy. The second doctor did not advise surgery because scars developed and advised me to continue work in the gym. After year and half, I met Dr. Maynard. He advised me to have surgery. He reconnected my torn meniscus and I regained stability of my leg. He saved my leg.


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